Bet Types

Single Race Bets

  • Win – Horse you selected must come in first.
  • Place (PLC) – Horse you selected can finish in first or second.
  • Show (SHW) – Horse you selected can finish in first, second, or third.
  • Win Place (WP) – Places a win and place bet in one bet.
  • Win Show (WS) – Places a win and show bet in one bet.
  • Place Show (PS) – Places a place and show bet in one bet.
  • Win Place Show (WPS) - Also known as “across the board”. Combines Win, Place and Show into one bet.
  • Exacta (EX) – Correctly pick the first two finishers.
  • Trifecta (TRI) – Correctly pick the first three finishers.
  • Quinella (QU) – Select horses to come in first and second in any order.
  • Superfecta (SPR) – Correctly pick the first four finishers.
  • Super High 5 (SH5) - Correctly pick the first five finishers. 

Multi-Race Bets (Select winners of multiple races run sequentially at a chosen track)

  • Double (DBL) –Pick the winner of two consecutive races.
  • Pick Three (PK3) – Pick the winner of three consecutive races.
  • Pick Four (PK4) – Pick the winner of four consecutive races.
  • Pick Five (PK5) – Pick the winner of five consecutive races.
  • Pick Six (PK6) – Pick the winner of six consecutive races.
  • Pick Seven (PK7) – Pick the winner of seven consecutive races.